Direct Use Geothermal Energy

A direct-use application of geothermal energy uses heat from a geothermal source directly in an application. Hot water from the geothermal reservoir is used without an intermediate step such as the heat exchanger in the geothermal heat pump.

Hot water from a geothermal reservoir may be piped directly into a facility and used as a heating source. A direct-use application for a city in a cold climate with access to a geothermal reservoir is to pipe the hot water from the geothermal reservoir under roads and sidewalks to melt snow.
Minerals that are present in the geothermal water will be transported with the hot water into the pipe system of the direct-use application. Some of the minerals will precipitate out of the water when the temperature of the water decreases. The precipitate will form a scale in the pipes and reduce the flow capacity of the pipes. Filtering the hot water or adding a scale retardant can reduce the effect of scale. In either case, the operating costs will increase.

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