Rebates for Geothermal Retrofits in Canada


The ecoENERGY Retrofit Program is no longer available. Final energy audits were to be submitted by March 31, 2011.
see: ecoENERGY Grants and Rebates



• Install an earth-energy system (ground or water source) that is compliant with CAN/CSA-C448 and certified by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition – applies to a new system or a complete replacement. - $4,375

• Replace a heat pump unit of an existing earth-energy system (ground or water source). The system must be compliant with CAN/CSA-C448 and certified by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition. -$1,750

British Columbia

• CAN/CSA-C448 compliant, new ground source heat pump installation – that is certified by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition $1,250

• CAN/CSA-C448 compliant, ground source heat pump replacement – that is certified by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition $1,000


For geothermal installations in new homes, Manitobans can receive up to $3,000 in incentives including a refundable Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit worth about $2,000, and a $1,000 grant for homes in natural gas serviced areas of the Province.

For conversions to geothermal in existing homes, Manitobans can receive a refundable Green Energy Tax Credit worth about $2,000 from the Province of Manitoba.

Owners of commercial buildings and apartments may be eligible to receive up to 10 per cent of the value of their installed systems.

Building owners who install new district geothermal service systems may be eligible to receive up to $150,000.

Manitoba heat pump manufacturers can receive up to 5 per cent of the price for heat pumps made and sold for use in the province.

The Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance (MGEA) will work with Manitobans in assessing geothermal options for their specific needs, providing accredited installers and accessing various provincial, federal and Manitoba Hydro incentives. For more information on the MGEA, visit

New Brunswick

Efficiency NB will subsidize a home energy assessment by a Natural Resources Canada certified energy advisor up to $400, depending upon the size of your home. Once you have completed energy efficient upgrades to your home based on audit recommendations (including geothermal), you will be reassessed and Efficiency NB will provide a grant to a maximum of $2,000 or an interest-free loan up to $10,000 repayable over a maximum six-year term. For more information, visit

Prince Edward Island

The provincial government offers a PST exemption on small-scale renewable energy equipment with a rating of 100 kilowatts or less including ground source or geothermal heat pump energy generating systems. The exemption is retroactive to April 8, 2005.

For more information visit the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Forestry website at PST Exemption on Renewable Energy Equipment or contact Provincial Treasury, Taxation and Property Records at 902.569.7542.


Hydro-Quebec Grants
Grants of up to $2,800 are available from Hydro-Quebec for homeowners planning to install geothermal heating and cooling systems. The system must have been installed after April 30, 2007 and must be certified by the Canadian Geoexchange Coalition. Additional financial assistance is also available through the Novoclimat et Renoclimat programs at Quebec's Agence de l'efficacite energetique.

For more information visit Hydro-Quebec's website or call 1.800.363.7443.


SaskPower Eneraction Loan Program
SaskPower Eneraction offers a loan program for residential homeowners and farmers who install a geothermal heating and/or a renewable electricity system. It applies to retrofits in existing homes or installations in new homes. Those eligible can receive a loan for up to $25,000 to install a geothermal system and/or a loan of up to $25,000 to install a renewable electricity generation system. SaskPower Eneraction also offers an additional 10 percent incentive (up to $35,000) for residents who wish to participate in the Net Metering Program.

SaskPower Eneraction has added a $3,500 enhancement to its existing provincial Energy Efficiency for New Homes Rebate Program for customers who are building new ENERGY STAR® qualified, R-2000 certified or EnerGuide 80 homes and want to install a geothermal system. For more information, visit

For more information about the loan program, please visit or contact the Program Manager at 306.566.5803.

For more information about the Net Metering Program contact the Saskatchewan Research Council at or phone 306.933.5400.

Other Provinces and Territories

Other than the federal ecoENERGY Retrofit Program, there are currently no known provincial or territories loan or rebate programs available in Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, or the Yukon.

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