Radiant heating technology performs favourably in energy comparison with conventional air heating

Feb 09, 2011 – The construction industry is keen to meet the demand for high, spacious building designs from trade and industry, including consumer event organisers and community groups. Heating these large indoor spaces is a major cost concern. With innovative ceiling mounted radiant heating systems these costs can be brought under considerable control.

Conventional air heating is still used in many halls, industrial workspaces and public arenas. But this outdated heating technology particularly in buildings with ceiling heights of 20+ metres is proving costly. Mainly because:

- Air heating requires a high heater temperature.
- Desired temperatures are not reached for several hours.
- Warm air rises. Heat accumulates beneath the ceiling of the building space and not where it's needed leading to increased heat loss through the ceiling or roof to the outside.

So, air heating is a proven energy guzzler and subsequently an efficiency problem.

The solution for owners of these large, spacious buildings with interiors up to 20 metres in height is simple - space-saving ceiling mounted radiant panels for heating and cooling – as developed and perfected by Europe's market leader, Zehnder Group UK Ltd http://zehnder.co.uk/rhc/Space-heating,568.html. Ceiling mounted heating panels transfer around 70 percent of their heat as radiation from above and the radiant heat generated is comparable to the effect of sun rays. That's to say their energy is only converted to heat when it meets surfaces such as floors, walls, objects and people.

So, comfortable heating levels can be felt almost immediately without the need to first heat the ambient air using conventional heating methods.

Our sensation of 'warmth' depends on the average of air and surface temperatures. For example, we may perceive a temperature of 18°C when the air and mean surface temperatures are in fact 15°C and 21°C respectively. With air heating, the ambient air would have to be about 6°C higher for the same perception of warmth. This is where ceiling mounted radiant panels for space heating have a unique advantage over air heating: Each degree Celsius saved when heating the air drastically reduces the total energy consumption needed for heating spaces.

A recent verified and accurately quantifiable case study compared the energy efficiency of conventional air heating systems and ceiling mounted radiant panels in halls with 20 metre ceiling heights. The results were startling.

Zehnder ceiling mounted radiant panels showed a 44.5 percent energy saving when compared to air heating

How is this achieved?

- Because of their extremely quick response times the radiant panels reach the desired surface temperature within one minute and radiate heat efficiently into the room space.
- Heat is generated where the radiated heat touches a surface.
- An even temperature distribution is achieved throughout the entire room height and area.
- No air circulation is required to spread the heat - so no fans are needed.

Whether it's a storage facility, manufacturing factory, warehouse or sports hall– ceiling mounted radiant panels are the first choice heating installation to guarantee higher energy efficiency, increased comfort and reduced operating cost.

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