What to look for in an electric radiant floor heat system

Easy Installation of Electric Radiant Floor Heating System

 Electric radiant floor heating system products vary. Some loose wire systems leave you with a spool of wire and an instruction booklet as thick as an encyclopedia. We recommend a "wire on mat" system, where the wire is already attached to a mat that can be cut and maneuvered according the room specifications. For under-laminate or wood applications – a select few products require thin-set or self leveling mortar. These are the easiest and safest.

UL or ETL Approved

The entire electric radiant floor heating product should be UL or ETL approved, not just the "components", like the lead wire or connector.

BBB Rating

We highly recommend only dealing with companies with an "A" or "A+" rating to avoid potential problems with product or customer support.

No Electro-Magnetic Field

This is important. Some electric radiant floor heating products emit so much EMF, it is as if your whole family will be sitting on top of a power line. Search for the products with "0" EMF.


It is especially important for electric radiant floor heaters directly in contact with combustible materials, like wood or laminate.

Thermal-Cut-Off for Electric Radiant Floor Heating

-for the additional safety.

Customer Service

Check the quality of the sales and technical department. Are they knowledgeable enough to answer all your questions?

Are they available?

Deal with the Manufacturer if you can – Rather than deal with a 3rd party or a re-seller, it is always best if you can talk directly to the manufacturer. Once you are a client, the manufacturer can advise you directly regarding new products and updates.


A few "select" manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty. Although, once installed properly, there are few problems with these systems, it is worth it to seek a lifetime warranty.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with something or change your mind, it would be great to limit your risk. Check the return policies of each manufacturer.

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